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MuaEA Combo

MuaEA makes your trading ideas actualized and profitable.

Our products and services help you combine benefits of both technical analysis and fundamentals analysis for more brilliant strategies and bigger returns.


With our combo of 4, let make your trading experience more enjoyable.

  1. MuaEA Signal Trend Indicator (non-repaint) helps simplify your technical calculation. From complicated algorithms, this indicator gives you two-color trend lines on the chart, red line for downtrend and blue line for uptrend. Our free Lite Version has got more than 4,000 downloads so far on MQL5 with 4.5 stars. Now it’s your turn to decide to enter the market or wait. Your decisions will be more accurate with our fundamental analysis support from our News Service.
  2. Fiinvesting News Service updates news about existing orders quickly and precisely right to traders’ account through MuaEA account. Our Fiinvesting analysis team is ready 24/7 to support and share our analysis on your orders. We also provide you market strategies, combined with our technical analysis to help you minimize risks and maximize profits.
  3. We give you technical tools, we give you fundamental analysis, we give you strategies, but if you’re a newbie and not so confident on your assessments, we give you more relaxed trading way: Copy Trade Service. Using our copy trading service, you can take advantage of our most excellent trader (his time, his strategies, his experience) instead of putting pressure on yourself. Check it out
  4. Outsource System: if you have any ideas about EA or system, our programmers will help you realize them with reasonable price.

Buy 1 of these above, you will have discount 25% for the others.

  • MuaEA Signal Trend Indicator Pro Version: $20 with more interesting features than the Lite Version (free)
  • Fiinvesting News Service: $50 per week, free gift on subscribing
  • Copy Trade Service: $300 per month, average 50% profit/month, mini account small balance
  • Outsource Service: more discount for familiar customers

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Skype: vehatde

Email: [email protected]


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