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Free product MuaEA Signal Trend is upgraded to the 3rd version, with ability to provide more than 70% accuracy analysis without repainting the signal. The Indicator usage is kept simplest for all investors which includes Buy signal with up-pointing-arrow or inside green line and Sell signal with down-pointing-arrow or insde the red line. To help traders perceive the accuracy of the trend provided by the Indicator, we display the profit/loss point when traders follow the Indicator which is the less expected matter an indicator dares to do. Most of the indicators today are all repainting followed the price and that affects the signal’s fidelity. You can download and follow these simple steps below to install the Indicator.


MuaEA Signal Trend



1. Open Metatrader 4, then select File -> Open Data Folder.


MuaEA Signal Trend


2 Open the folder MQL4:


MuaEA Signal Trend


3 Open the folder Indicators:


MuaEA Signal Trend

4 Copy MuaEA Signal Trend Indicator to this folder


MuaEA Signal Trend ver 3

5 Back to MT4 interface, select Tool -> Options ( Ctrl + O):


MuaEA Signal Trend


6 Select Expert Advisors then set options as shown in the picture below.


MuaEA Signal Trend


7 Select Navigator ( Ctrl + N)



MuaEA Signal Trend Pro


8 Select Attach indicator to a chart.


MuaEA Signal Trend



9 Select Attach indicator to a chart.



MuaEA Signal Trend


10 Finish and make money



MuaEA Signal Trend

Keep calm and make profit with MuaEA Signal Trend


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