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Fiinvesting Financial News Service helps traders update latest financial news quickly and precisely related to traders’ current orders (Commodity, Forex, etc). From these information, traders can make wise investment decisions in order to attain profits, or reduce risks.

Fiinvesting uses information service through MuaEA account with friendly and detailed interface which improve interaction between traders and Fiinvesting analysis team. Also traders still keep track of their current orders like on Metatrader 4.


When subscribe Fiinvesting Financial News Service, traders are offered:

  • Recording success rate of trading via simple chart

Trading chart (English version available upon request)

  • Receiving updated news about existing orders quickly and precisely that support traders to make appropriate decisions

  • Strong interaction between traders and analysis team in sharing market news and evaluations
  • Accessing to analyses from Fiinvesting, for example EUR/USD Analysis 11th August 2015


  • Reasonable cost with only $50 per week
  • Let’s make a simple comparison. In Buy Order of 0.01 lot DAX, Stop Loss for order #11782845 is 11707.5, 76 pips higher than market order 11634.5, which is equivalent to Max Loss of about $20. After receiving news from Fiinvesting anticipating long-term bullish for DAX on prospect of the most stable economic growth of Germany in Euro zone, bearish momentum is just temporary because of upcoming mature date of future contracts and the longest strike in German railway history; traders will consider, depending on their short-term or long-term strategies, keeping or closing order, or changing Stop Loss so as to reduce losses or extend profits. Similarly, losses could be diminished significantly with a number of orders in a week.


Convenient payment method:
  • Users recharge their MuaEA accounts; system will automatically deduct money from subscribers’ accounts weekly.
Especially, free gift of $50 for checking account as soon as subscribing.

How to Subscribe

Please follow instructions:

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  • Log in MuaEA

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Add MT4

  • Click in MT4 account management

Click in MT4 management

For more information and support, contact email: [email protected]