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In order to facilitate traders an environment with trading and analyzing skills, Fiinvesting is pleasure to host a trading contest among traders from this December.



Weekly Prize (sponsored by Instaforex): 8 weeks with the total prize up to $12,000

Each weekly contest rewards 5 prizes, each account with initial balance of $300.


  1. Contest date
  • Contest time: 8 weeks, from 5/12/2016 to 17/2/2017 (excluded New Year Holiday and New Lunar Year Holiday)
  • Deadline for register: Before Wednesday of each weekly contest
  • The awards will be announced on every Monday right after the weekly contest via Facebook or Email.
  • The awards will be rewarded to the winners in at least 7 days or maximum 14 days after the winner announcement.
  1. Participants

Traders can participate in the contest with demo accounts or real accounts.

If you want to join the contest or you want more information, please contact us and give us your personal information, such as: Full Name, Phone Number and Email.


  • Skype: pfmsupport
  1. Contest Rules
  • Prerequisite:

Traders need to download and install PFMTools and you can get PGain only if you use PFMTools in your register account. (You can use VPS to trade on your mobile phone). At the same time, the PGain that traders get and the ranking table will be tracked by PFMTools.


Video: Instruction to download and install PFMTools (link download : )

Video: Instruction to download and install PFMTools

link download

  • Sufficient condition

All register accounts that get more than 350 PGains have the opportunities to win the prize.

PGain calculating method

Demo accounts:

PGain point calculation depends your on balance’s growth

1% balance growth= 2 PGain

Because calculation is immediate after the you have closed order, so if with Demo account, the order is still open after weekly trading session closes in the contest week, the account will be considered as illegal.

Minimum orders/week: 15 orders

Real accounts:


Real account is allowed to keep the order after weekly trading session close. However, PGain is only calculated by the order before weekly trading session close.

Detailed on prizes

Weekly prizes:

Prizes will be awarded in bonus, credited right into new accounts of winners.

For this bonus of $300, Trader has the rights to withdraw all the profit made beyond the amount of $300.

For example: From the balance of $300, Trader makes it rise up to $450. You have all the rights to withdraw the profit of $150 and leave the initial of $300 and trade continuously.


  • 1 MT4 account joining the contest only can receive the award once.
  • In a weekly contest, if there are less than total of  5 winners with real account, the prizes remained will be moved to next weeks.